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The gate shown at left fell out of the back of our truck during a local delivery.  While driving at 65 MPH on a major highway, the gate was picked up by a gust of wind, flew high in the air and landed on the highway.  It was also run over by a truck before our delivery crew was able to recover it!  As you can see, there was no structural damage to the corners or any of the joints; only 3 Trex balusters (spindles) were broken!!  Now that's a gate that will not sag and will hold up for many years to come!!  (Perhaps, we should make a warranty claim to Trex for their balusters not holding up?      ) 

Picture Shown: Azek Gate Kit & material retails for $750; several hours of labor required to put together and construct!

(It may look like Henry is falling asleep on the job, but he is actually on his coffee break!)

Picture Shown: Competitor's gate made from Transcend Top Rail material requiring a turnbuckle/ cross support bar selling for $700 or more.

2) Why do we use 2 X 4 composite material (Trex, Azek or TimberTech) for the Frames of our composite gates?

Actual Trex* (and other composite) Railing material is smaller in dimension and has only one side finished.  It does not work nearly as well as the composite stock material we use.

We could use Trex Transcend* Top Rail for the material, but it is hollow.  This presents several construction challenges and would require an extra turnbuckle support.  In addition, the cost of the material & labor is prohibitive.  In our opinion this design is inferior in terms of strength and looks.  There are similar issues using Azek/TimberTech* top railing.  The added cost of the material and labor involved results in a selling price of at least $600 for a standard size gate.

3) Why buy a Pressure Treated (P.T.) or Clear Cedar Gate from us?

A) Our P.T. and cedar gates are constructed to the same demanding/exacting standards of our composite gates!  We use only #1 Grade stock material made from 2 X 4 stock sizes.  The spindles are cut down from 2 X 4 stock; instead of just using 2 X 2 stock to ensure a better fit & look.  (Please see our Product Line Page for more info and details on our handmade P.T. & cedar gate design system.)

B) Our prices are extremely competitive and you can count on getting the best gate possible for the money!

Please compare all of our products to any competitors that you may find; we think you will choose us (and that it will be an easy decision for you).

Pictures Shown: Another example of a gate kit that requires hours to put together. Very small screws and parts that result in an inferior design that requires a cross bar support and still will not hold up over time! Cost of kit & material is over $450!



(Example of Our Special Gate Frame Reinforced Miter Corner Holding Over 100 lbs. of Weight!!)

1) Why buy a Trex*, TimberTech*, Fiberon*, Veranda* or Azek* Gate from us?

A) First of all, we would be very surprised, if you were able to find more than one or two companies on the Internet that sell custom made deck gates constructed totally from authentic composite stock material.  And even if you were able to locate an Internet or local dealer using these materials, it is very doubtful that their products would match the quality, strength and beauty of our exclusive construction design for a comparable price.  Major manufacturers are starting to offer stock gates, but they are only available in a couple of standard sizes (not custom) and are actually more expensive than ours.

B) If you were able to locate another vendor, we are sure that their deck gates would turn out to be inferior to our products for these reasons: 

  • We have developed a proprietary patent-pending construction design that assures you one of the strongest and best looking deck gates offered for sale.  (See our Product Line Page for more info and details on our handmade design system.)
  • We use only 2 X 4 dimension composite material for the Rails/Frame.  All Spindles used are the actual authentic balusters used on your composite wood deck railing.
  • We spent over a year of trial & error R&D to perfect our composite material deck gates.
  • Other competitors use a steel cross bar (turnbuckle) that reinforces the strength of their gate design and construction (which in our opinion is unattractive and is an inferior method for strengthening the gate) .  Our design and construction is far superior and cross bars or gate wheel supporting is not needed!  Our gates will not sag and they will maintain their shape and strength for many many years (provided that your gate is mounted properly to a strong post using the proper outdoor grade weight-rated hinges and rust-proof screws).  Please see our Resources Page for more info and installation details.
  • You will also find that our gate prices are actually hundreds of dollars less than any comparable competitive gates sold on the Internet!  (Please keep in mind that we do not use a production line or any automated systems, but rather traditional hand craftsman techniques and skills.)
  • If you were to attempt to make one of these gates yourself, we are fairly certain that you will quickly discover that the cost of the material and the amount of labor and time it takes to construct it compare very favorably to just buying one of our gates.  It is also doubtful that your gate would be as good looking or as strong as one of our gates.


Meet Henry, Mike's Custom Deck Gates Quality Control Manager and our Employee of the Month!