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Mounting latch and hinge hardware:
In Rockland County and locally, gate hardware can be found at Beckerle Lumber Supply and most local hardware stores.  Optional hardware can also be purchased from us.

Mounting Latch & Hinge Notes:
Customer is responsible for hinging gate to their newel/post.  To mount the gate, hinges must have flat area "to hinge to."  Hinges must lie plumb in a vertical plane, or your gate will hang crooked.  One face of the hinge is screwed into your gate; the other to the deck newel/post or other wooden structure.  Pre-drilling your screw holes is necessary on composites! 

Latching:  After hanging the gate, you will install a latch of your choosing.  Please ensure that you choose the right product to meet your household safety requirements and your local government codes.  Client assumes all liability for the operation and maintenance of the gate. 

Installation Instructions:

For our Handy Andy and Handy Annie customers, please refer to our Installation Instructions - Click Here.  Also, See the Video on our Videos Page!

MagnaLatch Instructions:

Click Here.  Also, See the Video on our Pool Gates Page!

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